Friday, January 19, 2007

More Trouble for Troubled DA!

(7-10-06) New controversy concerning Hutchinson County District Attorney, Clay Ballman.
According to an incident report obtained by NewsChannel 10, Ballman was found intoxicated in the parking lot of the county courthouse in Stinnett back in May.
The report states Ballman and an unidentified attorney from Amarillo were drinking...and had to be driven home by a Stinnett police officer...
because Ballman was quote "intoxicated to a degree that he was a danger to himself and/or others."
It was July of last year when Ballman, who represents the 84th district, plead guilty in a Vega courtroom to a charge of driving while intoxicated. Ballman was taken into custody in May of 2005 following a hit and run incident in Borger after he hit a car driven by a teenage girl. Ballman was charged with the DWI which is a Class B Misdemeanor.
Then in September of 2005, the mother of the girl Ballman hit presented a petition to remove Ballman from office based on Section 87 of the local government code, which states a public official may be taken out of office for intoxication on or off duty.
That petition has been challanged by Ballman's attorney and the hearing on the matter was postponed in January of this year, no new date for that hearing has been set.
No new charges have been filed in the latest incident.

Channel 10 CBS Affilliate Amarillo, Texas

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